This is Thanksgiving week. I'm on break from school and have been on a cooking trip. I'm having fun trying out new ingredients and style on old family favorite recipes. I'm not much of a cook. I usually go out to dinner quite a bit during the week with my husband Harry, but something has come over me this week. I decided I wanted to try something different. I've made dinner rolls, fried chicken, peach peach cobbler, and macaroni and cheese - each dish has a new twist.

Canada...Oh Canada

Went to Banff park into the city of Banff. Driving to lake Louise. Weather is cloudy and intermittent rain temp 63 degrees. So on the road to lake Louise we saw a bear. Check out the video

Harry and Lynda on the gondola


40th Anniversary of Operation Babylift

It's hard to believe a 40th anniversary of anything, time flies, but the Operation Babylift actually seems like yesterday! 40 years wow! I remember watching news account after the fact, and was amazed with heroic actions of the pilot and staff. Years later I had the pleasure of meeting one of the nurses who help save so many babies. Her name is Regina Aune and she is my daughter-in-law's mom. One of the baby's she saved is Aryn. Regina and Aryn have written a book Operation Babylift: Mission Accomplished - A Memoir of Hope and Healing. It's a story of how tragedy and blessing intertwine and bring people together.