POTUS 45 March primaries - week 2

Michigan and Mississippi go to the polls today for both Democrats and Republicans. The question is has Donald Trumps train slowed down? He is still in the lead of delegates for the Republican nomination, but that over whelming wins he had earlier appear to be petering out. The problem with this picture is that no one is moving ahead of Trump as he loses steam. There are still 4 candidates in the race and where Trump loses votes that get divided among the remaining 3. So Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich are still playing catch up.

Results Bernie beat Hilary in Michigan! What a shock, polls had her leading by double digits. Hiliary won Mississippi. Trump won Michigan and Mississippi and seems to winning quite a few of Cruz type voters - the evangelicals…SMH. Trump had to upstage everyone and hold a so called press conference tonight and the networks allowed it! I really can't believe they become gullible over Trump!

Where is Rubio? The golden boy is not doing what he is expected to do…be the establishment's challenger to Trump. But he's not getting out of the race, despite Cruz and Trump (and others) calling for him to get out. Rubio promises to win his home state of Florida next week…um we'll see.